Cathy's CD... Debbie

"Oh my gosh, Laura!!! I love it. The songs are beautiful. You can feel her heart and soul in every note. Thank you so much.! I have listened to it over and over again. It’s very seldom you hear a c.d. that you can really feel the emotions and not just the words of the artist. She is amazing."


"I Love the CD"... Marc


"I love the CD. I listen to it in my car all the time. Your voice is beautiful and you sing from the heart. The words of the songs are very profound. Congratulations on following your dream!"


"Your CD is the best"... Calgary AB

Hi there,

"Your CD is the best I've heard in years!I listened to it at my cousin's last week and every song is great, so I got one for myself. I'm in my 60's but I'm sure people of all ages would love it. Congratulations and best of luck."

A fan in Calgary

"Amazed"... Marybeth


You've been on my mind a lot lately. I know these days are both exciting and difficult. Exciting - because you're in pursuit of your dream with passion and excitement. Difficult - because I recognize that you've stepped out boldly and in great faith that you really do have the talent, energy and self-discipline to make a career in the musical spot light.

I've listened with focus and purely for entertainment to your album. I've enjoyed the poetry, rhythm and diversity in the various pieces.

I'm both amazed and not at all surprised at the quality of your work. I pray that you'll achieve your total vision at a pace that is doable; leaving you time and energy to enjoy the ride.

I really enjoyed your performance at Sweetwater's, the diversity in the pieces you chose and the commentary between was very engaging.

My friends were most impressed….

Finally, congratulations, my friend, on a job well done.
Best wishes, always ….


"Absolutely beautiful"... Sandy

Dear Cathy,

It's been 30 minutes since I watched the video and listened to "I'm In Here-The Anthem for Autism" and I'm finally composed enough to reply.

The song and video were absolutely beautiful. The lyrics provided another reminder of how frustrated and confused our kids must be on a daily basis and the informational segments as to how prevalent and widespread the disability has become. Like Kristy, Tyler has been an amazing gift to me, I cannot begin to count the blessings he has brought to my life.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and your song with me, you made my day. I'll continue to forward the song to others and wish you much success with the album.

Write anytime to share your joys (or frustrations).


"You all Rock"... Sandi

Hi Cathy,

Heard you play at the Pub in Harvey last were we blown away!! We have heard many live groups in BC but nothing compares to you. Thanks for taking the time to go to Harvey. Can't wait for your next performance. Also have to say what a great band you have backing you up.

You all ROCK!!


"Passion and Energy"... Randy \ Lougheed Pub


Well, what a performance Sat. evening. It is the talk of the town. We sure hope, for us here in the hamlet, you will still be around March 28 to treat us, yet again. I can't say enough about the passion and energy you bring to your music - simply said; that's the difference that separates you from the pack. It also doesn't hurt to have fun doing it either. Hats off to you and your band of merry men.

Randy/the Lougheed Pub

"I cried thru this whole song"...

My autistic son is very verbal...Buy he struggles everyday with the right words..even simple ones.. He knows what he wants to say...but then it just won't come out. I cried thru this whole song...It hits home. It is PERFECT,,,just like my son....I am still crying now...I wish everyone understood our children as well as the creators of this song do...

Thank you.....

"Your song will bring healing to many"...

My 5yr. old son was diagnosed with autism 6 months ago. Though we have our not so good days, and I feel at a loss, I listen to this song everyday, and I cry till I can't cry anymore, because I know he is trying very hard everyday, and my strength is renewed.

GOD BLESS you Cathy, your song will bring healing to many, THANK YOU!

"Thank you from Australia"...

Hi Cathy

What a beautiful song I was in tears. I have a beautiful 4yr old daughter Samantha she is my angel my life I love her so very much. I’m 53 years old so I need to get her ready for the world your song gives me inner strength.
I have forwarded this to my friends and family.
I will ask our radio stations to play it in Perth Australia.

Thank You

"A true singer-songwriter"... Barry

I am a full-time musician based in Fredericton and have been performing with various groups at festivals, clubs and other events around the Maritimes/Quebec for close to 25 years. Since January of 2006, I've hosted a weekly jam-session in a local venue and Cathy Hutch has attended this event several times over the last couple of years.

I’ve watched and listened to her play drums in many of the several bands she’s involved with and I’ve also heard her play solo performing her original music and backing it up with vocals and guitar. She is a solid, tasteful drummer, a fabulous guitar player who knows the meaning of dynamics and has a great voice to back all of this up. Her songs can be sweet one moment and rock the next moment and they all come from the heart.

Ms. Hutchinson’s drive and determination to play more, learn more and record is motivating. She’s recently back from Nashville with her first recording completed and it is great work in my humble opinion; fantastic players and well-produced.

The above said, the fact that she is a very talented musician is enhanced even more as this woman never stops working towards, and assisting in, finding a cure for Autism, and caring for her own autistic child. One song on her CD called “I’m In Here” is a beautiful song written from the perspective of an autistic child; half of all proceeds from the sale of this song go towards finding a cure.

Cathy is a true singer-songwriter who has recorded with top industry professionals and she’ll impress you with her performance along with the positive energy she brings to a room.

Please contact me should you have any questions.


"Most touching and beautiful songs"...

This is one of the most touching and beautiful songs ever. It describes my brother so well I cried when I heard it. My brother is 15 yrs old and.this song reminds me of how much I love him even though its so hard to deal with him, and half the stuff he does I don’t understand, if he wasn't who he is I would not be who I am today. Having him as a brother has made me a stronger person and sister.

Big Sis age 18

"Thank you so much for this song"...

This song is very touching; I cry everytime that I watch it, coming from a 21 yr old who has a 18 yr old highly austic nephew, this is soo touching, and I have never heard anyone put autism into a perspective like this, and I have to to say from the bottom of my hear that I appreciate this and to anyone else who has autism in their lives I love you all, and there is nothing in this world that means more to me than my nephew, thank you so much for this song!  

"I always cry when I hear it"...

Very beautiful song. I always cry when I hear it... I dunno why I keep listening to it. I guess cuz it reminds how hard he really is trying.  My 3 year old son has been diagnosed with autism.

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Atlantic International Balloon Fiesta

"The Cathy Hutch Band lit up the stage at the Atlantic Superstore Bandstand Friday night, September 7th. The combination of Cathy's beautiful voice and the fabulous musicians make them a special treat! The level of professionalism, combined with the variety of music made this group one of our favorites of the weekend.  Thanks Cathy, we truly enjoyed working with you and your group!"

Lori Horton

Festival Co-ordinator, Atlantic International Balloon Fiesta