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Cathy Hutch (Hutchinson) was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada and taught herself to play guitar by the age of nine.

At eleven, she was writing songs, poetry and short-stories, and also became involved with nature photography after seeing a school presentation by world-renowned photographer Freeman Patterson.  Over the years, Cathy additionally taught herself to play several other instruments and went on to play them in various dance bands throughout the '80's.

Cathy's debut album, "Not Goin' Back", (the title song was written for a women's shelter) is a collection of 10 original songs which she recorded in Nashville in November, 2007.  Her first single, "I'm In Here", co-written and sung with B.J. McKelvie, is a tribute to her daughter Kristy, who was born with profound classic autism and Turner Syndrome.  The video of "I'm In Here", found on YouTube as "The Anthem for Autism", has garnered over 250,000 hits and countless soul-stirring emails from around the world.

Cathy Hutch divides her time between music ,photography and advocating for autism awareness, as well as several other humanity-related issues.  Each year Cathy (and often the rest of her band) can be found donating time and talent to perform at events such as Run For The Cure, Relay for Life, Anti-Bullying rallies, and fundraising events for women's shelters and other health-related issues.